Drake Net Worth

Drake Net Worth

Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian sensation is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor. Drake initially gained success and fame as an actor on a drama television series Degrassi: The Next Generation in the early 2000s. Now the world knows him as a famous rapper and singer. He had been nominated for Grammy Awards and many other awards ceremonies. He won his first Grammy Award in 2010. Music is his passion which made him worth $60 Million.

The Canadian rapper Drake Joins Rap’s

Richest with A $60 Million Net Worth in 2016

& $40 Million yearly Income

At the age of 15, he was working as an actor. His struggle led him to the higher paths on which he self-released his debut ‘Room for Improvement’ & ‘Comeback Season’. It was a big hit for him, and Drake became the first unsigned singer. He won the hearts of people and started his further journey as a Rapper and singer. His career has been a hit that led his net worth increased yearly. He started blogging and releasing his songs on the blog. After some time, he was signed for an album. His released song gave his career a big kick.

His albums like Thank Me Later, Take Care, were released till 2010. He earned billions, and his followers started increasing daily. YOLO was a big hit for his popularity. His songs and the lyrics revolve around teens, their life, their relationships and how you live with them. Teens love him and post his lyrics as captions on their pictures. He has an emotional connection with his crowd.  iTunes released If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late by Drake unannounced. There was no promotion and publicity. Still, iTunes sold over a million unit of the song. He released many songs, signed up many albums and films. He is said to be the friendliest voice on the radio. These days he has been a hit on radio, his songs rule people’s heart.

In 2014, it was reported that Drake’s yearly income was $33 million. Now he has made up to $40 million. It is Drake’s most profitable year. His net worth is rising yearly. Apart from his ticket sales, he has a high profile of endorsements that pays him well. His Bank accounts are worth more than the songs he plays. He earns $Millions from the sale of tickets. His album ‘Views’ is the most successful album of his career. Views earned billions only through iTunes. When the album was released, he earned billions. It was a great hit for him that boosted his net worth.

Stock says The Richest Drake’s net worth is going to reach $100 Million in 2017, and much more in 2018. He has joined the ranking of the world of wealthiest rappers. He has made his place at 17th rank with a Net Worth of $60 Million. People say that he wants the crown to rule the world of rapping. So, let’s see where does his worth reaches in 2018. It has been expected it could reach up to $150 million.

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