5 things to do before you move into the new house

5 things to do before you move into the new house

Once upon a time, my small family and I lived together happily in Jacksonville. Recently, our professional needs required us to move out of our beautiful city and find a new place in Orlando. The best part was that we would remain in our beloved Florida, but the hard part was the moving chaos we were about to suffer. Our new home was thankfully commuted to our workplaces, but it required some touchups before we moved in. Some new renovation and decoration to make the place seem more like our house. So instead of moving in right away we first decided to rent an apartment nearby and visit our new house on a regular basis to work on it and transform it into our new home sweet home. One thing I guarantee is that the preparation part and final shifting was not all fun and games or effortless but rather required close attention and affection. Any place where you want to live should give out that homely vibe for you to settle down or else you just feel homesick for a couple of initial months in the new house. For that, we prioritized our tasks along the following 5 steps.

  1. STEP1: Hitting it off

As the winters were nearing, we started off by working on the interior of the house. Tasks like fixing the yard, painting the side rails and painting the exterior walls etc. can wait till spring. So, with that in mind, we moved forward towards the inside of the house.

  1. STEP2: Security

As early as the closing deal was done and we received our house keys, the first thing we decided to do was change the locks. No matter where you live, your home should be the place where you feel ultimately in an area and safe, you can’t assume how many people who were working on the house still have the keys, such as contractors, builders, real estate agents etc. So, we hired a locksmith to come to the house and switch all the locks. We could’ve bought new ones and installed them ourselves, but a professional hand is always beneficial.

  1. STEP3: Cleaning

Our new house was not dirty but somewhat impressive. It had that aura of a new place that smells of paints and cement. So, we cleaned it all ourselves. It helped us learn about all the nooks and crannies of our home. It is not necessary to clean your area yourself, you can quickly hire a service available to do it for you, but you can’t deny how much fun and emotion goes into working in your own new home.

  1. STEP4: Painting

Yes, most definitely the cleaning part was different than the painting part. We went shopping for colors together and decided to keep a monochromatic color scheme throughout the entire house and bought colors and wallpapers according to that. There is no point in just slapping paint on walls or sticking wallpaper clumsily if it doesn’t look good so to have a professional touchup and prepping, we hired painters. Then we allowed them to do the essential paint coats in all the rooms, corridors, and the ceilings. We decided to leave the customization of color for later on and to do it ourselves before Christmas.

  1. STEP5: Installation

Lastly for now, but probably not the least, our property required an installation of:

  • New electronic devices such as switch plates, thermostats etc.
  • Window treatments

Houses look naked without curtains or blinds to cover the windows up; therefore, window treatments are always necessary to be installed ASAP. However, it is entirely up to your requirement and desires. We finally moved in, a month after, and it was an utter delight to do so. We customized our walls according to our wishes right before the holiday celebrations hit the scene. And currently, as we are in the New Year’s springtime, we are deciding to start working on the customization of our exterior walls of our house pretty soon.

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